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Welcome to www.pinkstersawareness.com 

I am so happy to be bringing you all my new upcoming Charity website.
Here I want to reach out to you all just as I do on all my other pages, Including my twitter pages: 

Founder: @PinksterC_87

Official Charity: @P_A_Charity

Please feel free to follow them. 

The Aim of the Pinksters Awareness up coming Charity is to establish the charity as a fully fledged UK charity with a registered number and to raise awareness on Mental Health, Chronic pain  and Chronic illnesses and  general awareness as far and wide as possible. 

Pinksters Awareness is a UK based Charity but we are happy to support people with Mental Health and Chronic Pain/ illness world wide.

 In doing this any donations which are received towards the charity will be used to develop and put towards things for the charities everyday running's as well as newly developing projects as part of the charity such as:

 online support forums, 

meet up areas (i.e. coffee mornings etc), 

conferences which will be held by Pinksters Awareness charity, 

others charity events at things like fete/event days which Pinksters Awareness can attend to raise awareness and offer support. 

Aswell as  being able to give platforms for guest peoples voices (i.e.- running of the website to maintain guests blogs, art, poems etc) also more things to develop along the way, like the long term goals of offering therapy sessions etc...

Within the website the founder will be contributing personal experiences in the form of blogs, vlogs, podcasts, poems, art and gaming to enable these awareness' .
I will also be inviting guest bloggers, poets and artists along to contribute in any way they wish to.

I am so excited to be bringing this new adventure to you all.

 Please look out in the near future for all new pages.

Most importantly please remember that


Founder of Pinksters Awareness

Pinkster C


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