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Guest Poem 9 - Self Love

Copy Right ©️ WritingLord (Twitter)

Guest Poem 8- Dementia, The Thief.

Guest poem 7- You can’t without...

You can't find rainbows
Without the rain,
You can't experience joy
Without the pain.

You can't understand love
Without a giving heart,
You can't give it your all
Without that first step at the start.

You can't rise again
Without learning to fall,
You can't win the race
Without expending your all.

You can't let go
Without forgiving,
You can't learn from life
Without first living…

By: Debra Brent
Copy Right © ‪BorderlineBroad (Twitter)

Guest Poem 6- Glass Head

Copy Right ©   PoemsFromAMod (Twitter)

Guest Poem 5- Pinkster C

Copy Right  © AmzFibro (Twitter) - Founder of dreambig-beunique.com

Guest Poem 4- Vulnerable Mind


Were all living in the computer age

Where new technology is all the rage

The internet, mobiles pda’s

Where will it end?

Checking emails contantly all day

Bluetooth, wireless connectivity

But arnt you loosing touch with reality

Web servers, logging on, data moving faster

But who is the servant or the master

Facebook bebo and tweeting on twitter

Constant updates on your mobile is quicker

The world wide web,you are the fly but who is the spider

Ipods,ipads mobile and tablets have you taken your dose today

Android windows apple os which do you choose and which is the best,

all of these worries and im not even dressed

Its virtual reality, its not how its meant to be

Whats happening to you and me

I just want to be free

Copy Right  © HUW BEVAN

Twitter: ‪thexmanswansea

Guest Poem 2- My Morning

Guest poem 1- The edge

Pills and a bottle, covering the table,

Shuddering and sobbing, completely unstable,

It was dark in the sky, pitch black in my soul,

Decades of pain now taking its toll,

The bottle was empty, my vision so blurry,

As I talked to myself, the words were so slurry,

Drugs in my throat, on my jeans and the floor,

My body was broken, my emotions so raw,

I hated myself and so often I'd said,

Who'd really care, if they found me dead?

My eyes got so heavy, started to drop,

I'd make my decision, no time to stop,

My body was heavy, my muscles so loose,

Drugs and pills working; no need for a noose,

As my body shut down, I recounted my days,

My eyes closed shut through a blurry haze...

Amazed I woke up; with bad double vision,

Counted my blessings about my decision,

Had to move on, to try and rebuild,

Despite being broken, had to be strong willed,

The crossroad was there, so much to fear,

No-one was told, all those I hold dear,

Now it's time to be honest, cards on the table,

I can handle the questions, now I'm more stable.

I'm ready

Copy Right  © Stephen Gillatt

Author of ‘Mad,sad,dysfunctional dad’