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Guest Poem 10- Dementia, The Thief.

Guest poem 9- You can’t without...

You can't find rainbows
Without the rain,
You can't experience joy
Without the pain.

You can't understand love
Without a giving heart,
You can't give it your all
Without that first step at the start.

You can't rise again
Without learning to fall,
You can't win the race
Without expending your all.

You can't let go
Without forgiving,
You can't learn from life
Without first living…

By: Debra Brent
Copy Right © ‪BorderlineBroad (Twitter)

Guest Poem 8- Glass Head

Copy Right ©   PoemsFromAMod (Twitter)

Guest Poem 7- Pinkster C

Copy Right  © AmzFibro (Twitter) - Founder of dreambig-beunique.com

Guest Poem 6- In love with a narc

The innocence of my youth was broken the night you walked into the bar

You smiled at me, it was the most beautiful smile I’d ever seen by far.

You spoke to me and I looked around, “Is she talking to me?” nah! Surely not why would she

But you were, we chatted and hit it off, you were stunning, and we were both free.

By the end of the night I had your number and we kissed for the very first time

Was this really happening? Was something changing in this miserable existence of mine?

Two days later we had our first date and it was a very special night

You held me on my very first time and told me it would all be alright. 

You were seven years older with kids of your own but that didn’t bother me at all

You were on my arm, you beautiful girl and I felt I was ten feet tall.

I had a career but what the hell I was in love and chucked it away

I moved in and it was going to be perfect, but I soon realised it wouldn’t be that way.

As soon as I unpacked the rules changed there and then and I was told what I must do

I wanted to ring my mother and tell her I was ok you said I could ring her “when I tell you to”

And so, it began, a life under your spell and I was not to question in any way

But I was so in love I didn’t see the warning signs, it’s new we’ll be ok. 

You began to mock, I wasn’t good enough in life, at home or in bed

“you’re weird” it’s like I was back at home with the same things being said.

My devotion to you had no end but your insane jealousy stood in the way

“Don’t talk to her, don’t look at her, look at the ground” is what you used to say. 

I tried so hard to make you happy, but nothing ever worked

I thought I’d ask you to marry me, you said no and purposely smirked.

I finally had enough one night and packed my bags to leave

“No babe please it’ll be ok but it’s your fault don’t you see?”

It didn’t get better if fact it got much worse, but your weapon was that gorgeous smile

You smiled at me so lovingly the day you told me you were carrying my child.

At last some happiness that would be our making, we’ll be ok now and the trouble will stop

But the day you told me you were pregnant became the night you first beat me up. 

Nails dug deep into my face till I bled “You see what you make me do?”

“Now nobody will ever look at you again. I own you but I hate you” it was true.

A ceasefire came with the birth of our boy for a time you looked at me with pride

It took me back to that very first night when we laughed at each other’s side. 

The nice you didn’t last, and you went back to type as I guess I knew you would

We had a child, but you didn’t seem to care as long as I was being good.

Then it happened that night, the night my love for you finally started to die

I saw your rage you’d lost control as you stared me straight in the eye.

The vase you threw smashed on my knee but that wasn’t enough for you

With a broken piece you stabbed me, I could feel it go right through.

You locked me in so I couldn’t get help even though you could see in me glass

I don’t think you cared if I died that night as long as you covered your arse.

You told your brother I’d hit you but that was a fucking lie!

You finally saw sense and told him I didn’t after he repeatedly punched my eye.

Time was running out even I could see that now and the end was very near

But you had one more trick up your sleeve, but you waited until new year. 

I put on a face as you laughed and danced at the party with your family there

“Happy New Year” we cried but “By the way I’m having an affair”.

That was enough, I lost it and screamed you down I didn’t care

“Sorry but it’s best you know that I’m sleeping with that guy over there!”

That was me done, I had nothing left to fight with anymore

You didn’t even blink an eye as I walked out the front door.

But you didn’t like it did you? All of a sudden you weren’t in control

You rang and rang telling me to come back but I was no longer an immature fool.

All of the above happened nearly thirty years ago and I still look back and think

I put up with it all because I loved her, she controlled me and sent me to the brink.

Domestic violence doesn’t happen to a man, so I suffered alone in the dark

Yet domestic violence DOES happen to men, it happened to me by a female narc.
Copy Right ©   Survivor_John7 (Twitter)

Guest Poem 5- Vulnerable Mind


Were all living in the computer age

Where new technology is all the rage

The internet, mobiles pda’s

Where will it end?

Checking emails contantly all day

Bluetooth, wireless connectivity

But arnt you loosing touch with reality

Web servers, logging on, data moving faster

But who is the servant or the master

Facebook bebo and tweeting on twitter

Constant updates on your mobile is quicker

The world wide web,you are the fly but who is the spider

Ipods,ipads mobile and tablets have you taken your dose today

Android windows apple os which do you choose and which is the best,

all of these worries and im not even dressed

Its virtual reality, its not how its meant to be

Whats happening to you and me

I just want to be free

Copy Right  © HUW BEVAN

Twitter: ‪thexmanswansea

Guest Poem 3- My Morning

Guest Poem 2- Where did you come from?

I came online cause I needed help, didn’t know where else to turn

Just wanted to know if anyone was there as my brain was starting to burn.

At first, I was scared of what people would think, I’m pleading for help but I’m new

And when I thought I was wasting my time a scary mask came into view.

I made a joke and thank God you laughed but I didn’t give it a second thought

Cause we had to confront a lying bitch and ‘out’ her, but it got us to talk.

I liked what I read but my trust had hit the floor, “don’t get close John” is what I said

But slowly and surely, I was drawn to you, you were now inside my head.

We were both very wary and guarded about the things we wanted to share

But something about you just felt good, it was great to have you there.

To some you’d just be a girl to talk to, a voice coming out of the darkness

To me you were more than that, I hoped I wouldn’t push you away by making a fuss.

I knew I had to do it, the reason that I joined, it was staring me right in the face

My past, I had to let it out and I knew you’d be my saving grace.

You listened and held my hand as I told you the worst of my life, the very worst by far

You cried, I cried but I got to the end and I knew right then you were a star.

But it did something amazing, it gave you the courage to open up to me

I never expected that to happen, but something did happen that night don’t you see?

An emotion ran through me, I thought ‘what was that?’ and what the hell would I do?

But it was you, you’d jumped straight into my heart and I think I was with you too.

Since then we’ve found a telepathy, one knows if the others not right

And you know if someone gives you grief, I’ll go after them with all my might.

I’ve never ever done this before, connected with someone I’ve not met

But something tells me the best for us is still coming up ahead.

You make me laugh and you make me cry but you always warm my heart

I see what you do on your twitter page and I love that I’m a small part.

Whether you’re being Pinkster or the other, you make my life a better place

And when I feel what you ‘ve done for me I know you’re my perfect little ace.

So, what can I say? I know what to say, please don’t ever ever go away

Because the man writing this for you right now is with you and here to stay.

The future will bring whatever it brings, we’ll have ups and downs but still

So, wherever you came from doesn’t matter as I love ya and I always will.

Copy Right ©   Survivor_John7 (Twitter)

Guest poem 1- The edge

Pills and a bottle, covering the table,

Shuddering and sobbing, completely unstable,

It was dark in the sky, pitch black in my soul,

Decades of pain now taking its toll,

The bottle was empty, my vision so blurry,

As I talked to myself, the words were so slurry,

Drugs in my throat, on my jeans and the floor,

My body was broken, my emotions so raw,

I hated myself and so often I'd said,

Who'd really care, if they found me dead?

My eyes got so heavy, started to drop,

I'd make my decision, no time to stop,

My body was heavy, my muscles so loose,

Drugs and pills working; no need for a noose,

As my body shut down, I recounted my days,

My eyes closed shut through a blurry haze...

Amazed I woke up; with bad double vision,

Counted my blessings about my decision,

Had to move on, to try and rebuild,

Despite being broken, had to be strong willed,

The crossroad was there, so much to fear,

No-one was told, all those I hold dear,

Now it's time to be honest, cards on the table,

I can handle the questions, now I'm more stable.

I'm ready

Copy Right  © Stephen Gillatt

Author of ‘Mad,sad,dysfunctional dad’