Charity Event Page

This is Pinksters Awareness Charity Events Page. 

This page is dedicated to all the people or organisations who dedicate their time to raising awareness and funds for our charity.

Below will feature any charity events held for Pinksters Awareness.

We thank you all very much for your time and kindness.

Regular contributors who hold Charity Events  for Pinksters Awareness:

1) BrockUK Dlive Charity Fundraiser

Every first Saturday of each month, BrockUK will be holding a Pinksters Awareness Charity stream Live.

Any LINO donated to BrockUK during these live streams will be given straight back to Pinksters Awareness DLive account to help support day-to-day operations and funding long-term projects. 



Up Coming Charity events 2019:

The Spicy Chicken Roulette Challenge hosted by BrockUK 

The Spicy Chicken Roulette Challenge has been issued by TheeJokeman vs BrockUK!

Join us on  @OfficialDLive on Saturday 20th July 2019 and help us raise money for our chosen charities! 
My chosen charity is Pinksters Awareness.

Time to get those sweat pants on!

#Brockoholics #Dlive #DLivefam #PinkstersAwareness #Charity


PAYDAY CHARITY CRIME SPREE OF JULY  2019 -Throughout the whole month of July

I will be streaming my progress of PAYDAY2 with the goal of raising as much money as I can. This is in aid for a charity that is close to my heart You might have seen the Streamer PINKSTER-C well she runs an upcoming Charity organisation trying to get the charity number etc. 

Now you can help in many ways with this. 

The primary one is just being there and watching me rob banks and such :) 

 1) Donations will be welcome and tracked and all 100% of this will be put forward now to help with this I will be doing a raffle draw, to get 1 ticket a donation equal £1 / diamond The entry will be calculated throughout the month so if you donate 100 lemons throughout the money I will track this as a ticket, The raffle will be run at the end of July 31st by RNG, Top prize will be a £20 Steam card Cord redeemable, but the more donations the more prizes I will add to the raffle. 

2) Pledge goal. the way of convention in payday 2 with the offshore amount $1million pledge for 1 lemon up to the limit of 1 billion gained in game, Anyone who Put a pledge will get this in the form of this. IF I’m unable to reach my goal by the end of the month I will Credit anyone who Has pledge with a DARE OF THEY CHOICE WHICH I WILL LIVE STREAM TO THE MASSESSo it a side to get creative but I be robbing in game like they is no tomorrow to avoid this.  

3) I will be trying to see if I can get some heavy donating muscles in the hands of some company's with a history of donating, if that is possible watch out for some special offer codes, for UK residents only. 

To view through out the month of July or To donate please visit this link:‬