Guest blog 9- The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect

I was going to write this week about a group I attend called Papillon Art, papillon being french for butterfly. However I have recently been thinking that butterflies are everywhere for me at the moment even in mid winter. The images keep cropping up all over for me from stickers and song lyrics to chocolates and cake moulds. So I started to think the butterfly was some kind of spirit animal but I do think something was trying to tell me something so I have applied it as a metaphor to my relationship with anxiety.

I was at first the caterpillar plodding along not necessarily ugly but certainly unremarkable, I started to have dreams and ambitions, but I couldn't attain these thing because of my anxiety. If you imagine the dreams would form around me as images like flickering flat screen televisions and the anxiety would become a glue holding the images together forming a cocoon. Gradually over time I was locked in and couldn't progress. In this state I thought I was destroying myself but I was waiting for the right moment and changing.

My anxiety has weakened over time, the dreams are loosening and floating away on a breeze of relief, and because I have changed I am now in a position to chase them. I have become more confident and I am sure this happens for everybody so if I could give you one piece of advice it's keep your dreams.

Fluttering over the sky under the shining sun, attending the flowers in magnificence to bathe beautifully in all radiance.

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