Guest blog 11- Up and Down Helper’s Hill – A short mental health related story for children.

Up and Down Helper’s Hill – A short mental health related story for children.

I personally believe that as times have moved on and technology has developed, the art of reading, writing and story telling is beginning to fade. Technology is certainly advantageous to us all, however the foundations we lay in childhood are gradually withering away, which is a tragedy. We should all be able to read and write, and we should all enjoy it. It is the cornerstone of our’s and our children's creativity and is the most useful teaching tool of all.

Furthermore, mental health is an unjustifiably taboo topic and for some reason, people still shy away from it, or are nasty to those who suffer under its unending pressures and are left debilitated by its heavy hand. Therefore, as it is #nationalstorytelling week, and there is this vast lack of reading and writing in society these days, alongside such terrible stigma and trauma around mental health, why not combine them all. Educate, inspire and be creative.

Thus, below is a story aimed at children, called “Up and Down Helper’s Hill.” Here, a child named Lorna embarks on a journey with her family where she meets a variety of people along the way. Each of them suffer various mental health issues, ranging from depression through grief, anxiety, depression and PTSD and a couple of teenagers who have an eating disorder and body dysmorphic disorder. It aims to show, in a child-like manner that the small things in life make the biggest difference to help those suffering. The little things like polite manners, conversation, spending time with someone and being generally kind and thoughtful; showing compassion makes life brighter for those people.

It also aims to convey that not only can you be kind to others, but it is acceptable to feel upset and share your feelings. It should be a good thing to talk openly and ask for help, and accept help. Not hide behind the mask of the trauma, ignore it or make hurtful comments.

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